Letter to the Editor — It is time for American trade laws to be written by Americans for Americans

Letter in the West Texas Livestock Weekly

I am a week late concerning the caption on the 4-7-16 cover picture “questioning what is driving cattle prices.” Mr. Pearce certainly answered it by saying “Killing COOL on Beef” in last weeks Letter to the Editor.

I think as long as we have State and National Cattle Assns. that represent the Multi National Meat Packers instead of American Producers this questioning will continue. As an example, the June 1, 2015, TSCRA letter to Congressman Conaway telling him that “COOL has negatively affected beef producers”, and TSCRA is worried about our “Mexican Counterparts”. TSCRA is asking Conaway to do his part in repealing COOL for beef.

A few simple truths are AMERICAN cattle producers were enjoying June 1, 2015 cattle prices. They were NOT worried about our Mexican counterparts, or Canadian or thirty other beef importing nations counterparts. The Multi National Meat Packers have driven many American cattle producers out of business using imported beef to bring American prices down to unsustainable prices thru the decades. As a result American producers do not provide enough beef for Americans, all the while NCBA and their State affiliates harp on Export-Export while the Packers use imports to control our prices. TSCRA is doing their part as a State Affiliate of NCBA to keep us over the barrel.

It is time for American trade laws to be written by Americans for Americans.

James Stotts, Llano ,Texas

Note: “We are all so appreciative of an agriculture paper that will run Letters to the Editor like the Livestock Weekly of San Angelo, there are many that will not”. James