Joe Rogan, Allegations against a billionaire, and USDA FSIS lack of enforcement of misleading green washed labels

Please see the note to USDA officials from my friend Greg Gunthorp. Greg is a powerful, very knowledgeable advocate for family farm and regenerative agriculture, setting an example everyday of the most ideal diversified family farm.

USDA is committing the very worst of labeling fraud as well as allowing widespread labeling fraud by the big food companies. Please listen to the Joe Rogan interview with Will Harris to learn more. I’m sorry it’s so hard to figure out what is real and what is fake.

Whole Foods is Walmart in dress clothes.

Mike Callicrate

From: Greg Gunthorp <>
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2022 8:45 AM
Subject: Joe Rogan, Allegations against a billionaire, and USDA FSIS lack of enforcement of misleading green washed labels

Good morning everyone,

I wanted to make sure that USDA FSIS was aware of what transpired a couple of weeks ago. A near and dear friend of mine spoke about publicly about a travesty taking place in the meat and poultry industry on the Joe Rogan show. Lots of us have wanted to make these kind of statements. He did this with great potential peril to his business, employees, and communities. He spoke out against the actions of a very powerful billionaire. He spoke out against activities that the USDA FSIS are complicit in. I’d hope that since USDA FSIS has failed miserably to ensure that meat and poultry labels are truthful and not misleading that at least USDA can ensure that a very powerful and predatory market does not retaliate against this ideal operation. I’d also like to know that the USDA has all of our backs in our ability to talk out truthfully against injustice in the marketplace. This podcast will probably end up with about 11 million viewers. We may soon get the political wherewithal to require USDA to take its misleading labeling responsibility in the Meat and Poultry act serious. If nothing else, USDA FSIS looks very bad because of podcasts like these.

I hope everyone has a great holiday! And I hope you’d take a listen to the whole podcast. Will Harris makes a very impassioned and powerful call for a switch to a regenerative agriculture. It’s truly a shame that consumer premiums in the marketplace are supporting the Tyson’s of the world when they believe they are supporting the White Oak Pastures of the world.

Here’s the clip on his misleading label comments on Jeff Bezos’ Whole Foods.–4yKHWxjJ0

Best Wishes,

Greg Gunthorp