NOBULL: Is Manhattan, Kansas the right place for the Animal Disease Center?

How FMD can impact you locally

We hear about jobs and growth associated with the relocation of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center to Manhattan, Kansas, from a safe place, to the worst possible location on the planet – in the heart of U.S. cattle country.

To truly understand the impact of a FMD release, listen to a professional who understands the real impact of the disease: Audio

Now for a novel idea. Based on the damage estimates of Dr. Sebastian Heath, let’s do a real-world mock trial run (free of political and financial self-interest) of a FMD outbreak for the future Manhattan facility, with all the breaking news, the subsequent shutting down of the area and surrounding states, the slaughter of livestock, etc. Show the costs in real dollars, from local economies, loss of valuable cattle herds, impacts on domestic and export markets, consumer impacts, etc. Let’s show in real time what extraordinary folly this “self-glorifying” Pat Roberts and cronies plan really is.

Thank you to those who can see the truth. Don’t buy into the lies and don’t allow this high risk facility to be constructed with our valuable tax dollars.

Mike Schultz