Fast Track stalls in the House — Public opposition overpowers Obama, Corporate Money

June 12, 2015

Fast Track stalls in the House

Public opposition overpowers Obama, Corporate Money

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Washington D.C.– Following months of intense public opposition to Fast Track, the House of Representatives today defied the Obama administration’s trade promotion package. The debate over Fast Track blurred party lines. “It took real courage for those Democrats and Republicans who stood up to the President and Republican leadership and opposed the free trade package. They defended working families, farmers, natural resources, the environment and most importantly, democratic principles,” says Juliette Majot, President of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP).

“This is a clear rejection of the free trade agenda that favors big business over workers, farmers, consumers and our environment. It’s time to bury this failed approach. I just hope the administration is really listening to what was said today, and what citizens groups around the world have been saying for years. We need very different rules that enhance local economies and jobs and advance efforts to rebuild our food system so it is fair and sustainable,” according to Karen Hansen-Kuhn, IATP’s Director of International Strategies.

While the GOP leadership continues to use a procedural measure to breathe life back into the President’s trade legislation, this is a real victory. IATP will continue working with farmers, ranchers, peasants and rural people around the world to stop free trade, the great destroyer.


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