Dairy Herd Management: 111-Year-Old University Dairy Closes Doors Due To Low Prices

by Betsy Jibben | July 3, 2018

U.S. dairy farms suffer from low prices. ( Betsy Jibben )

Southwest Michigan is deeply rooted in agriculture ranging from fruit, vegetables and livestock. Despite the diversity, it’s not immune to a downturn in the market, especially in the dairy industry.

Dairy producers are going out of business all around the country due to falling milk prices and global oversupply. The downturn is bleeding over to more than dairy farms. It’s being felt by universities where the next generation of dairy producers are being trained.

Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan is one ag-focused university, home to a century-old farm. The college is no longer able to weather the uncertainty in the dairy industry and has a plan to close the doors to its dairy operation the summer of 2019.

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talks with Stephen Payne, vice president of integrated marketing and communication; Katherine Koudele, the chair and professor of animal science; and Larry Adams and Mike Carpenter, both herdsmen at the college.