Court Declares Vermont’s Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Law Constitutional

BREAKING: Court Declares Vermont’s Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Law Constitutional in a major victory for CFS and Consumers! Support our Legal Fund today to help us secure even more important victories.

BIG news! Yesterday, after nearly a year of battling in court to defend Vermont’s law to label genetically engineered (GE) food, a federal judge in Vermont issued a decision affirming the constitutionality of Vermont’s GE food labeling law.

This is a major victory for Vermonters and citizens across the country: Vermont can now implement this hard-fought law and give its residents the right to know!

We couldn’t have won without you. Please make a donation to our Defending Democracy Legal Fund to help us win more protections for your right to know!

As we have been in so many states, Center for Food Safety was there when concerned consumers like you wanted to draft a GE food labeling bill in Vermont, and we were there when this historic legislation was signed into law. And when big food companies sued Vermont to stop GE labeling in the state, we stepped in to help defend it – and we won.

While this is a tremendous victory and critical step, mega food corporations will now push for further proceedings and/or appeal, so the work in Vermont will continue. And Vermont is not our only battleground. Right now, CFS is actively engaged in several other lawsuits that need your support: defending several county ordinances restricting GE crops in both Oregon and Hawaii, and defending a county ordinance in Hawaii about pesticide spraying disclosure and buffer zones.

All across the country, food and chemical corporate giants are filing lawsuits challenging vital new laws passed directly by voters or through their elected representatives – laws set up to protect our farmers, our environment, and our right to know what’s in our food.

Will you stand by our side to push back against big chemical and biotech corporations?

These corporations and their allies have been using some of the nation’s highest-paid lawyers, attempting to overturn positive progress across the country. We can’t let that happen. As we have in the past, we’ll be there every step of the way to defend these laws and the communities who worked so hard to pass them.

At CFS, we do all of our work, including our legal efforts, without charge, representing you, our members, and other nonprofits or local citizens. Instead, we count on donations from our members to support these critical efforts.

We need your help to counter this corporate attack and defend these laws in court. Please donate what you can to our CFS “Defending Democracy Legal Fund.”

Thanks for your support,

Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director
Center for Food Safety