Chipotle Supplier – Chinese police detain OSI employees over expired meat

Chinese police detain OSI employees over expired meat

By Meatingplace Editors on 7/23/2014

Shanghai police have detained five employees of the OSI Group unit in China that was shut down earlier this week after a TV report showed workers using expired meat to make chicken nuggets, according to China’s official Xinhua news agency.

The five workers included the quality department manager for OSI subsidiary Shanghai Husi Food Co., which supplied products to McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and 7-Eleven, according to the report, which cited the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

Shanghai Husi is believed to have produced 5,108 crates of meat products, including McNuggets, pork patties and beef steaks, using out-of-date or moldy materials, according to the bureau and Shanghai’s food and drug administration, which are jointly investigating the case. About 100 metric tons of the products have since been sealed up as the probe continues.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman told Meatingplace earlier this week that the scandal affects about one quarter of its roughly 2,000 restaurants in China and that the company is no longer serving products from the facility.

Aurora, Ill.-based OSI said it was investigating the report and cooperating with government agencies.

The Chinese TV report that touched off the scandal showed chicken meat that had been expired for 12 days being used to make nuggets and workers picking up meat from the factory floor to add to the mix, U.S. news outlets have reported.