Cargill, partner ink bovine genetics analysis license

By Chris Scott on 1/13/2014
Cargill Inc. and the private holding company Branhaven LLC have signed a non-exclusive agreement to provide their patented BeefGen genomics (DNA) tools to Neogen Corp. for undisclosed terms.

BeefGen helps beef and dairy cattle producers analyze bovine genetics in order to help improve meat and milk yields. The product allows beef cattle producers to identify the animals best suited for optimal weight gain, beef marbling, tenderness, red meat yield and other characteristics that maximize the value of each animal harvested. The system could also help cattle farmers identify the best animals for breeding purposes.

Lansing, Mich.-based Neogen is a supplier of products used to ensure food and animal safety and plans to work with producers to improve cattle carcass quality, production efficiency and nutritional value, according to a statement released today.