Big Food owns Congress and this administration — Poultry growers, farmers and ranchers need your help!

Big Food owns Congress and this administration

See following note from Mike Weaver. Mike is a contract poultry grower. As John Tyson is welcomed into the billionaires club, exploited poultry growers haven’t had a raise since the 1970’s.

Hey everyone,

Please use this link and send it to every grower you know to encourage them to send an email to their senators and congressmen to support farmers and ranchers and not defund our GIPSA Rules. On the right side is a red button. You have to type in your zip code in the box and click on the red button. It will bring up your senator’s and congressmen’s email links to send them an email telling them we expect them to support farmers and not take away our GIPSA Rules.

This is an election year so they will pay attention. Let’s get as many of these in as possible to hopefully sway them to our side.

Call me 304-249-5347 if you have questions.

Mike Weaver