America Returns to the Jungle — A safe and secure food supply is essential to a free society

America Returns to the Jungle

Posted on November 24, 2015 by Mike Callicrate

A safe and secure food supply is essential to a free society

The United States was always able to feed itself. Except for a few non-essentials like coffee, tea and bananas, we were self-sufficient.

The British government, along with their corporate partner, the East India Company, saw unlimited potential to extract wealth through the American colonies. Our Founding Fathers, willing to fight for our freedom and sovereignty, risked their lives and the lives of many citizens, to save us from the servitude of the British Crown and East India Company plutocracy.

Foodopoly Lecture at Colorado College
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Wenonah Hauter informs us in her timely book, Foodopoly, that the U.S. is now a net food importer on a value basis. She also pulls back the curtain exposing the cartel of companies that now control America’s food supply – known as Big Food. How could this have happened in America?

Forty years ago, I graduated from Colorado State University. The curriculum taught that the U.S., with its vast resources, technology, and smart young leaders, would not only be feeding ourselves, but we would be feeding the world. Finance professors told students, “Don’t be afraid to borrow money (lots of it) – leverage is the key to success in the expanding and exciting field of agriculture.”

Hopeful and energetic students weren’t prepared for anything other than a fair, open, and competitive marketplace. There were laws to keep markets fair and competitive. Suggesting that one company or even a small group of companies could control our food supply was inconceivable. Food was considered too important to allow anyone too much control over it. After all, farmers were scattered across America, producing all kinds of food in various ways and selling into local markets. The export market was too big and exciting to even contemplate.

President Reagan sends America back to The Jungle
“They [big corporations] own not merely the labor of society, they have bought the governments; and everywhere they use their raped and stolen power to entrench themselves in their privileges, to dig wider and deeper the channels through which the river of profits flows to them!”
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, 1906