Ag Daily: Dairy farmer breaks down what is really going on in the industry

by AGDAILY Staff | April 10, 2019

The hardships in agriculture are becoming ever more relevant to those invested in the industry, but especially future farmers. Some times you feel so defeated, that you just need to vent and try to educate others on the real situation. Mark Berg, a dairy farmer, breaks down and speaks about the hardships of being a farmer in today’s industry.

Mark’s dad said, “I have worked here 40 years, and have less than what I started with.” That really makes you step back and think about what our dairy farmers are up against. Mark continued,”We are not asking to make a million, we aren’t asking to be rich. It is not about having money. But when you literally work day in and day out all the time, for nothing. We have gained nothing.”

Mark reveals the realness of the hardship, saying we have farmers committing suicide in the ag industry due to defeating times. They feel like they failed every generation before them.

“No body gets it. Because they just go to the grocery store and they get food and it is there. They don’t realize that people are literally losing their lives, because they working for nothing,” said Mark.

Finally, Mark breaks down at the end of the video saying, “I just want a fair cut. I just want my family to be happy again.” To all of those in the dairy industry, or any industry for that matter, who just don’t know how they are going to make it to the next day — you can do it! Remember, you are a farmer — strong and passionate.