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Family Farm Action Unveiled at OCM Conference

By Greg Henderson August 11, 2017 02:02 PM Vowing to fight what it calls the “economic power that a few multi-national corporations have over family farmers and rural America,” the non-profit Family Farm Action was launched today during the Organization for Competitive Markets conference in Kansas City, Mo. Family Farm Action is described as “a

Politico: OCM to launch family farm pac

By JENNY HOPKINSON with help from Helena Bottemiller Evich, Kaitlyn Burton and John Lauinger | 08/11/2017 The Organization for Competitive Markets — a group that advocates against consolidation in the agriculture sector — is starting a PAC today. It will “support candidates who stand up for independent family farms and our rural communities” for state

The Hill: Agriculture giants Bayer, Monsanto merging could ruin American farmers

By John Boyd and Mike Weaver | 06/18/17 02:00 PM EDT Earlier this year, we planted our crops — soybeans, corn, and wheat — and began feeding our spring chickens. Farmers like us have been doing this for generations. But next year, when we turn to our spring tasks again, the entire farming economy will

NPR: Farmers Take Out Millions In Loans To Raise Chickens For Big-Box Retailers

by Grant Gerlock | June 22, 20174:08 PM ET Tim Mueller has raised corn and soybeans on 530 acres near Columbus, Neb., for decades, but now he is planning to take a huge gamble. The big-box retailer Costco is building a new chicken-processing plant in Fremont, Neb., about an hour away from Mueller’s farm. The

HPPR.org: The Gamble Of The Farmers That Raise Our Chicken

By Grant Gerlock Tim Mueller has raised corn and soybeans on 530 acres near the city of Columbus, Nebraska, for decades, but today he is planning to take a big gamble. The big box retailer Costco is building a new chicken processing plant in Fremont, about an hour from Mueller’s farm. The company plans for

New Food Economy: Dairy farmers still have to pay to help Domino’s market this pizza

June 1st , 2017 by Baylen J. Linnekin But a growing chorus of politicians and advocates think mandatory checkoffs could use a little transparency. In 2010, Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times investigative reporter, exposed how a government-created entity was using “checkoff” money it raised through federally-mandated fees it charged America’s dairy farmers

OCM: Over 250,000 Farmers, Organizations, and Businesses Urge Congress to Pass Meaningful Checkoff Program Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 27, 2017 Media Contacts: Bill Bullard, 406-252-2516, billbullard@r-calfusa.com Angela Huffman, 614-390-7552, ahuffman@competitivemarkets.com Over 250,000 Farmers, Organizations, and Businesses Urge Congress to Pass Meaningful Checkoff Program Reform WASHINGTON, D.C. – In letters to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, more than 80 organizations, representing over 250,000 ranchers, farmers and businesses called

York News-Times: NCBA, what’s the deal?

Kerry Hoffschneider Apr 11, 2017 It is important for the farming and ranching community as well as the general public to know about the efforts of the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) as they continue to move forward to uncover what is truly going on with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) use of Beef

OCM Press Release: USDA Claims Confidentiality for 12,000 Pages of Federal Checkoff Spending Records

April 3, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCM Moves Forward in Freedom of Information Case despite USDA’s Attempt to Conceal NCBA’s Abuses of Beef Checkoff Funds LINCOLN, NE – March 31, 2017 was the USDA’s court-ordered deadline to choose transparency or secrecy in a lawsuit over records from an audit initiated in 2011 of the federal

DTN Progressive Farmer: Divide on Livestock Rules: Battle Continues Over Proposed Rule Changes to Packers and Stockyards Law

Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Policy Editor 3/24/2017 | 3:47 PM CDT OMAHA (DTN) — Major livestock and meatpacker groups on Friday called on USDA to withdraw proposed rule changes to the Packers and Stockyards Act. The extended comment period ended Friday for an interim final rule and proposed rules under the Grain Inspection, Packers and