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Bloomberg: The U.S.-Mexico Wage Gap Is Actually Widening Under Nafta

By Eric Martin and Nacha Cattan | November 28, 2017 What’s the opposite of a growth miracle? Whatever the term, it applies in spades to Mexico in the Nafta era. Poor countries are expected to grow faster than rich ones, and they need to. Trade agreements are supposed to help. Yet by almost any benchmark

Re-negotiate Country of Origin Labels into New NAFTA

Re-negotiate Country of Origin Labels into New NAFTA November 17 marked the beginning of the 5th round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations in Mexico. It also marked the anniversary of when the U.S. House of Representatives passed NAFTA into law in 1993. When we heard President Donald Trump on the stump criticizing

Press Release: Farmers Rally to Form HSUS Alabama Agriculture Advisory Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 30, 2017 Farmers Rally to Form HSUS Alabama Agriculture Advisory Council Albertville, Alabama – The Humane Society of the United States will announce the formation of the Alabama Agricultural Advisory Council this evening at Buttram Farms in Albertville. The event will be held with farmers who embrace more humane and sustainable

Agri-View: Make COOL mandatory

by R-CALF USA | November 30, 2017 Public Justice, the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Fund, Food & Water Watch, and Farm Aid have delivered the signatures of 37,299 Americans – demanding that the Commerce Department and the Trump Administration more generally follow through on the campaign promise to create a level playing field for independent domestic meat Consolidation In The Livestock Industry May Get A Boost Since Proposed USDA Rule Won’t Take Effect

by Grant Gerlock | November 7, 2017 The Trump administration is following up on promises to ease agriculture industry regulations. The latest rule to be withdrawn would have made it easier for producers to raise objections if they thought meatpackers weren’t giving them a fair price. Between the time a cut of steak or pound

Globalization in Retreat – Strange Bedfellows: Democrats and Trump Blow up 20-Year Unity on Trade

WALL STREET JOURNAL GLOBALIZATION IN RETREAT STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: DEMOCRATS AND TRUMP BLOW UP 20-YEAR UNITY ON TRADE By Bob Davis and Siobhan Hughes NOV. 28, 2017 11:44 A.M. ET In fight to overturn Nafta, White House makes common cause with Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a longtime free-trade skeptic WASHINGTON—A lone senator jumped to the Trump

OCM needs you to help restore fair markets

OCM members and supporters, Now more than ever, family farmers from all agricultural sectors – along with consumers – must come together and unite in the effort to stop corporate control of agriculture. American families want their food produced by family farmers who care about them and the food and fiber as well as the

Why is soil considered a living things

Karin Lindquist Did you know that in just one handful of healthy soil can contain as many, if not more soil organisms than there are people on Earth? The thing is, most soil ecosystem processes, soil organisms and the whole act of turning organic matter into food for plants occurs in the top 2 to

CBC.CA: As NAFTA talks roll on, all roads lead through U.S. Congress

by Rob Merrifield | November 25, 2017 To keep border open, U.S. elected officials must be reminded about Canada’s contributions to local economies Leading up to the sixth round of NAFTA talks, there has been every indication that President Donald Trump intends to withdraw the United States from the agreement, and though Alberta and Canada

The Washington Post: A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm

By Caitlin Dewey | November 23 Liz Whitehurst dabbled in several careers before she ended up here, crating fistfuls of fresh-cut arugula in the early-November chill. The hours were better at her nonprofit jobs. So were the benefits. But two years ago, the 32-year-old Whitehurst — who graduated from a liberal arts college and grew