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NOBULL: The Auditors, By Lee Pitts — And we thought IBP and the loss of our markets was bad…

Livestock Market Digest November 15, 2012 The Auditors By Lee Pitts Let’s play the old word association game, shall we? If I were to say the word “grass” you’d probably say “green”, unless you were a pothead. If I said “black” you’d say “white” and if I said the word “audit” you’d probably… wet your

NOBULL: Economics explained by a 12 yr. old – Fiat money supply, taxation, and compound interest, why the Fiscal Cliff exists

Victoria Grant, 12 yrs. Old, explains the problem with the Canadian and U.S. money system and what to do about it:

NOBULL: Videos & Newsclips on Walmart Black Friday stikes, actions–Walmart files complaint against UFCW….

Wednesday, Nov 21 " Walmart workers plan Black Friday protest" – NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (video): Features OUR Walmart members Greg Fletcher and Elaine Rozier “Walmart Workers Prep for Black Friday Strike” – NBC Today Show (video): Features OUR Walmart members Greg Fletcher, Dan Hindman, and Monique Velasquez “Walmart’s Black Friday” –

NOBULL: R-CALF USA Complaint Regarding Possible Conflict of Interest in Beef Checkoff Program

R-CALF USA submitted the attached complaint to USDA and the OIG today. Bill Bill Bullard, CEO R-CALF USA P.O. Box 30715 Billings, MT 59107 billbullard 406-670-8157 See attached file for full letter.

NOBULL: Beef Checkoff Corruption – “…it is not hard to imagine that OIG investigations…might have had their moment um slowed by internal politics.”

Whatever happened to the OIG report on the Beef Checkoff? It was supposedly completed a year ago. We are still waiting to see it. According to an inside source, a representative from the USDA’s Ag Marketing Service reported to the NCBA and CBB, those being investigated, that there was “some bad stuff in the report,

NOBULL: Drought proofing your farm and landscape with Australian Permaculture expert Darren Dohert

AMES, Iowa — The drought that parched fields, scorched crops and withered farm ponds in Iowa was indiscriminate, hitting farmers of all types, sizes and enterprises equally hard. In its wake, it revealed not just the unpredictability of weather – but the need for farmers to plan ahead to protect their farms from the inevitable

NOBULL: Kaiser Permanente comes out against GMOs

Corporate Giant Comes Out Against GMOs It has come to our attention that Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States, has advised its members against GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food In its Northwest Fall 2012 newsletter, Kaiser suggested membership limit exposure to genetically modified organisms . . .MORE

NOBULL: Branded beef programs on the rise, scientist says — More pretend labeling and consumer deception – Big packers wanting to look like family farmer and ranchers…

Everything from Natural Prime (Meyer Natural Angus) to a dark cutter (Laura’s Lean) brings a premium in the big slaughter plant (Cargill)…

NOBULL: High Speed Traders Jolt U.S. Grain Trade – Causing dangerous and unnecessary swings in prices.

High Speed Traders Jolt U.S. Grain Trade By Reuters Monday, November 19, 2012 CHICAGO (Reuters)—The U.S. grain industry says high speed computerized traders are disrupting their markets, but grain exchanges and regulators have no quick fix for the concerns, according to grain industry officials and traders. The dispute, which pits grain companies at the Chicago

NOBULL: RE: Obama’s Game of Chicken — The administration, for all intents, ended up implicitly condoning these inju stices

The Plantation "Interesting" excuse by DOJ. The Daily Yonder–Bill Bishop’s take on it: • The Chicken Game — The Washington Monthly reviews the failure of the Obama administration to break up or limit the control the power of meat packers in a good, long review of the subject. Reporter Lina Khan reviews the