After a year of plunging prices and profits, Nebraska farmers face ‘tough choices’ in 2017

By Barbara Soderlin / World-Herald staff writer The 2016 harvest is in the bins, and Nebraska farmers now turn their attention to rows of figures. With economic clouds on the horizon, they’ll spend the winter crunching numbers and making decisions about how to finance their businesses and households after a year of falling prices and

Scientists have long feared this ‘feedback’ to the climate system. Now they say it’s happening

By Chris Mooney 11.30.16 Washington Post At a time when a huge pulse of uncertainty has been injected into the global project to stop the planet’s warming, scientists have just raised the stakes even further. In a massive new study published Wednesday in the influential journal Nature, no less than 50 authors from around the

WTOK on Market Crash

It has happened before! When a bunch of upset cowboys came together and made a big fuss about a cattle market crash, the market temporarily got higher. After more than a hundred concerned cattlemen gathered for an OCM presentation on the present contrived cattle market crash in Bay Springs, Mississippi on November 15st , a

Over 100 Mississippi Farmers and Ranchers Gather to Reclaim a Fair Food System

November 16, 2016 OCM BAY SPRINGS, MS – Yesterday evening, over 100 farmers and ranchers gathered in Bay Springs, Mississippi to say “enough is enough.” With this year’s calf prices dropping to about half of what they were a year ago and putting Mississippi cattle producers’ viability in question, cattle producers learned of actions they

Cattle market crash: saving American family farms

By Candace Barnette Posted: Tue 4:53 PM, Nov 29, 2016 Updated: Tue 7:23 PM, Nov 29, 2016 KEMPER CO., Miss. (WTOK) – It’s a crisis for the American family farmer. “Rural America is slowly dying,” local cattleman Fred Stokes says. Stokes has seen, firsthand, the effects that big corporations have had on farms and ranches.

Don’t let the American cowboy become extinct

Dear Friend, These are hard times for the independent family farmer and rancher. In the past 35 years, we have lost nearly half of our cattle producers, 90% of our hog producers, and over 80% of our dairy producers. Calf prices have dropped to half of what they were a year ago. In the name

Cattle market crash: the demise of American family farms

By Candace Barnette Posted: Mon 5:14 PM, Nov 28, 2016 KEMPER CO., Miss. (WTOK) – Local family farms are dying. It’s something Fred Stokes realized soon after he retired from the military in 1972 and decided to become a cattleman in Kemper County. “A year later, we had a market that was 40 percent of

Farmers Receive Less Than Twenty Percent of Thanksgiving Retail Food Dollar, NFU Farmer’s Share Shows

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 21, 2016 Contact: Andrew Jerome, 202-314-3106 WASHINGTON (November 21, 2016) – Consumers’ holiday food costs have declined, but farmers still receive less than 20 percent of the food dollar, according to the annual Thanksgiving edition of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Farmer’s Share publication. The popular Thanksgiving Farmer’s Share compares

Will Trump decide that COOL is ‘best for America’?

By Dan Flynn | November 22, 2016 As a surrogate speaker this past August for then-candidate Donald J. Trump, former Ohio Republican Congressman Bob McEwen gave a fiery speech to a gathering of independent activist cattlemen from 18 states gathered at the Little America Hotel in Cheyenne, WY. He passionately argued for property rights and

DTN: US Will Withdraw From TPP by Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton DTN Ag Policy Editor Mon Nov 21, 2016 08:34 PM CST OMAHA (DTN) — If there were any doubt, President-elect Donald Trump made it clear in a video released late Monday that he would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership in one of his first executive actions once taking office in January. President-elect Donald