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Des Moines Register: Trump’s Harvest Box could leave farmers with empty plates

by Kathie Obradovich, | Feb. 19, 2018 My husband and I have subscribed to a popular boxed meal service for about a year now. We love the convenience and we enjoy exploring new recipes and ingredients we wouldn’t normally try. So why is it such a horrible idea to replace part of the SNAP

OCM Report: Major new checkoff program abuses exposed

Dear Mike, Lack of oversight of our state beef checkoff programs is destroying the livelihoods of family farmers and ranchers. OCM is fighting for checkoff program reform all over the country: at the state and federal levels, through litigation — and right now, we’re turning our focus to Ohio where we’ve discovered the most egregious

OCM/John Boyd statement on Virginia beef checkoff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 19, 2018 Farm Group Urges a No Vote on SB 374 RICHMOND, VA – Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) calls on the members of the Virginia House Agriculture Subcommittee #1 to vote no on SB 374 in today’s hearing. SB 374 is a dangerous bill that would take away government control

Sustainable Dish: Why Fake Burgers Make No Sense

August 8, 2017 The silicon valley tech scene loves to deny basic rules of nature: You can’t make something out of nothing. Life requires death. Energy comes from the sun and is recycled here on Earth. Humans need to eat real food. With investments of over $250 millions of dollars, the fake-meat burger company Impossible

Counter Punch: Chipotle Bell

by Peter A. Coclanis | February 16, 2018 A year or so ago, I was sufficiently desperate as to walk into a Whole Foods store. The grocery chain I normally shop at had run out of coffee filters, and Whole Foods was nearby. What the hell, I thought, and stoically entered that paragon of green Chinese Companies Are Mass Producing Plastic Rice (and It Could Cause Serious Health Problems)

by Yelena Sukhoterina | September 20, 2015 China has been producing fake rice for at least four years, and it is still on the market. Singapore media reported that this “rice” is produced with potatoes, sweet potatoes and – believe it or not – poisonous plastic. It is shaped like regular rice grains but remains

RSN: Arkansas Banned a Weedkiller. Now, Monsanto Is Suing.

By Nathanael Johnson, Grist | 18 February 18 When Monsanto introduced a new kind of seed that wouldn’t die when exposed to the herbicide dicamba, it triggered a crisis in the southeastern United States. Farmers planted the seed and started spraying dicamba, and it worked great! Except that it drifted onto other farmers’ fields and

Cornucopia Institute: CAFO Pork Contaminates Wells and Shuts Out Independent Farmers in Iowa

February 8th, 2018 Cornucopia’s Take: Twenty-three million conventional hogs are currently kept in confinement in Iowa. Massive lagoons of manure and chemicals on those operations leech into the groundwater, contaminating wells and forcing people off their land. This is not only a problem in Iowa. Hog CAFOs have polluted North Carolina and Minnesota and are

Nebraska Legislature considers bills on blockchain, cryptocurrency for first time

Nebraska Legislature considers bills on blockchain, cryptocurrency for first time By Martha Stoddard / World-Herald Bureau 2.18.18 The future of blockchain and bitcoin LINCOLN — The legislative hearing had been peppered with terms like cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contract. Proponents and opponents had testified about bitcoins and distributed ledgers, tokens and digital wallets. Now the

Sanderson Farms Must Face ‘100% Natural’ Suit – Law360

Sanderson Farms Must Face ‘100% Natural’ Suit – Law360’100%25%20Natural’%20Suit%20-%20Law360.pdf?dl=0 2/12/2018 (February 9, 2018, 9:55 PM EST) — A California federal judge ruled Friday that Sanderson Farms must face claims from three nonprofits that it falsely advertises its chicken products as "100%natural" and misleads consumers about how the animals are raised, finding their claims aren’t